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Welcome to our premier Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Center, where we are dedicated to transforming lives through the power of vision. Our specialized clinic is at the forefront of addressing visual challenges arising from neurological conditions and injuries, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and personalized treatment plans. Whether you're journeying to regain lost visual function after a brain injury or seeking to enhance your visual processing skills, our team is here to guide you toward a brighter and more empowered visual future. Discover the potential of Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation with us, where every step is a stride toward renewed clarity, confidence, and independence.

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At the forefront of dynamic NeuroRehab is Dr. Angrisha Sharma, who specializes in this unique intersection of neurology and optometry. This field focuses on individualized treatment regimens for patients with visual deficits due to physical injuries, neurological disorders, or trauma.

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What is Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation?

Concussion and Vision 

Vision and Vestibular


#102, 9945 50st NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6A 0L4

Phone: 780-504-7381   Fax: 780-229-0817

Referrals can be sent using the following link.

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